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Posted on 12-06-2017

The holidays are coming up quick, and for most of us, that means traveling. Whether you’re simply heading North for some cooler weather, or you’re making your way to your hometown, as pet owners we must decide what to do with our pets. You can choose to board your pets, have a friend watch them, or you can have them come along for the journey. If you are traveling with your pets this season, there are a few precautions you’ll want to take before you head off on your adventure.

Traveling by Car

If you’re traveling with your pets this holiday season, most people choose to go by car because pets are typically used to this form of transportation. They’ve been in a car for vet visits and trips to the dog park, so it will take no time at all for them to get comfortable. If your pet isn’t used to being in a car, you can help them get familiar by taking short trips and increasing the time spent in the car every trip. For a short trip, a harness that secures your pet to the seatbelt is sufficient, but this method is not recommended for longer trips. For a long trip, it’s recommended that your pet stays in a secure crate that won’t move around during the trip. Ensure that the crate is large enough for them to turn around in and lay down.

Traveling by Plane

Taking a plane with your pet might be a little more difficult than driving, but it is definitely doable. Also, we do not recommend traveling with your pet if they are not small enough to stay on your lap, or under your seat. The first thing you’ll do is book a flight, and you’ll want to make sure it’s a direct flight to avoid too much movement. Long layovers can be stressful for pets. Next, you’ll want to make an appointment with Laveen Vet Center to obtain a health certificate within 10 days of your departure. Make sure your pet’s vaccines are included in this. Make sure their crate is clearly marked with your name and phone number in case of emergency.

What to Pack

When you’re going to a new, unknown place, it’s important to pack your pet’s items that will make them feel the most at home. The essentials that you don’t want to forget include:

  • Pack enough food for the trip and then some in case of emergency. Make sure you pack some food and water/water bowl separately that is easy to access during your travels.

  • Bring favorite toys or blankets during the trip. If you include their favorite items in their crate during the trip, your dog will feel more comfortable.

  • Don’t forget the necessities. This includes things like their leash, waste bags, grooming supplies, medications and a first aid kit.

By following these tips, you and your pet will be ready to go wherever you’re headed this season. Remember to keep your pet as comfortable and calm to ensure easy holiday travel.  For your pre-travel examination, or if you have any questions, contact us today.

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